High quality fashion merchandising site in New York.


Fashion merchandising is defined as the business side of fashion, where the person has to have a keen eye for stylish designs while still having a strong head for business. The designer ensures that they are able to buy, price, market, display and sell garments and accessories that are fashionable and will sell quickly. Here at trimworldnyc.com, there are numerous leading professionals that can easily identify fashionable clothes that the client will be happy with. A fashion merchandiser must be able to predict the future and the prevailing market trends by successfully relying on your research and current trend in the world market. Looking for a fashionable product design consultant can be a hard and tiring affair that is why you need to choose a design partner from our site that will help you with all your needs. With over 10 decades’ experience of helping New Yorkers achieve the best looks, you can rest assured the company will suit all your needs professionally at a cost effective price that anyone can afford from students to industry leaders in the field. The company was started in 2002 so as to help people with their fabric related problems without quoting astronomical fees.


If you are a shop owner and want fashion merchandising solutions, feel free to text us as we will ensure that whatever garments you order through us is sent to you. We ensure that your shop not only has the most popular trendy apparel, but also has the trends that your customer base will love. The site also designs using its popular fashionable product design wing, which creates numerous versions of the same product so that the client can choose the one that makes them happy or is better suited to their client base. Our fashionable clothes are of high quality and are never counterfeit, other than custom orders that we do in the New York workshop the other clothes are imported from our factories in Hong Kong and New Delhi and we deliver them if you quoted them during cash out. Trust our experts to always deliver even when under intense pressure; due to the rigorous exercise we do after we hire. Some of the training we do is how to satisfy clients, working as a team and of course furthering the skills of the designers to work with most machines and design software.


Our fashion merchandising site is always online, and the customer care desk personnel are always there to help on pricing and the services that we offer. The desk is comprised of a hardworking team that do not give up until any client that has questions is satisfied with the answers. Our site is also designed to be clean and easy to navigate through with very clear and straightforward design, so that any client who has a fashionable product design product to order or question promptly find his answers. So if you are in New York, why don’t you give our site a try and see that you will not regret the decision of partnering with us to grow your business or buy new clothes for you and your family.

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