Meet the fashion designing experts of New York


Thanks to our smart fashion embellishment smart software, the site can make high quality products at a cheap price. The company is strategically located in the world famous New York City Garment industry; we have been offering quality work since 2002, which is over a decade of quality fashion designing solutions. Thanks to our quality work and customer satisfaction margins the company has created an image that is hard to argue with in New York and numerous customer retention and referrals to friends. The site has partnered with the most reputable clientele in the fashion industry which range from the most reputable fashion houses to individuals all whom were satisfied with the work. Other than that the company also offers interior design promotional items that the clientele will be happy with. What sets us apart is our team of highly professional designers handpicked from a large pool of people who want to work for us, the chosen then undergo rigorous exercises to keep them in shape and are trained further on team work and how to work on a deadline, while still ensuring the final product is of high quality.


Fashion designing is an industry that is ever evolving, this is why the company is always expanding and trying its best to ensure it provides quality and efficient services to its clients. This is why it has expanded and created support production offices in New Delhi and Hong Kong. Fashion embellishment is a very hard and tricky affair as recreating an image with your hands, needles and threads is very different than doing it with paper or a computer. Most of the sites that offer the services are charge very high prices but the company only charges cost effective price. The company changes the photo to a more usable model, it is then sent to you for approval, after you approve and pay the company can then start working on the model. The process for ordering is simple where you send the design you want and the fabric, the company will now send a free quote for your consideration. After you pay via credit card or PayPal, the professionals will start working on the project and complete it within the stipulated timeframe. The interior design promotional items are also readily available in our store where you can choose the ones that pleases your eyes.


The fashion embellishment company has the most unbeatable prices in the New York embroidery scene today, sometimes it offers discounts depending on the number of pieces you order. the interior design promotional items that are available are cheap and cost-effective thus making clients happy to use our services. The company is here to help you with all your design needs and values the customer’s satisfaction more than profit. If you urgently require high quality embroidery services on a budget in New York, you can choose the fashion designing house as it will not disappoint you and will finish your artwork within the agreed period during cash out. After trying the service, users become regular clients

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