Why you should go with Trim world?


Trim world INC is a business which is certified and is a fashion manufacturing studio. This fantastic company is located at the centre of the famous garment industry of New York City. The main office of Trim world is in New York City and it s production offices are located in New Delhi and Hong Kong.

Custom embroidery

Trim world is the largest machine embroiderer in New York City. The company has continuously evolved in the field of house equipment which makes it an ideal destination for shopping. You can come and visit this place for all your needs ranging from product development to production. The company is able to handle large and challenging projects.

You can choose from multi panel items, layered pieces, lace and handwork. The company is highly efficient to fulfil your embroidery needs. In addition Trimworld also brings a good number of promotion items like polo’s-shirts, aprons, uniforms and jackets.

Interior design

It is a proven fact that our home reflects out personality. It also shows our taste and sensibility. These days you can very easily find the design for your home on the internet, in magazine and even in places where we visit. But if we actually look at it turning these ideas into real life is a big challenge. This is where Trim world enters and gives you all the possible options for your interior design.

Home interior designs

As far as home interior design is concerned you can take very good offerings from Trim world. Whether you have a studio apartment or a villa the professionals at Trim world are more than happy to help you out. The professionals at Trim world very well understand that home is just not related to space but it is also family which is to be considered. The recommendations of Trim world are given while taking into account how the space is used by you.

In order to get the best for your home interior design you can always book a consultation with Trim world. This will let Trim world know you in a better way and moreover you can always go for personalised proposal.


Thus we see that Trim world is a versatile company which takes care of your custom embroidery, interior design and home interior design. If you are looking for to get some extra effects to your designing and embroidery then Trim world is one of the best options for you.

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